Bitcoin-markten noteren diepste retracement sinds Zwarte Donderdag: Raoul Pal

Nu de relatieve-sterkte-indicator van Bitcoin daalt tot niveaus die niet meer zijn gezien sinds de Black Thursday-crash van maart 2020, beweert Raoul Pal dat BTC aan een opleving toe is.

Bitcoin’s tweewekelijkse relatieve-sterkte-indicator

Beleggingsstrateeg Raoul Pal heeft vastgesteld dat Bitcoin’s tweewekelijkse relatieve-sterkte-indicator, of RSI, onlangs is gedaald tot niveaus die niet meer zijn gezien sinds de „Black Thursday“ crash van maart 2020.

De Global Macro Investor en Real Vision Group CEO merkte ook op dat Bitcoin’s wekelijkse RSI is gecrasht tot niveaus die vergelijkbaar zijn met die van de correcties die werden geproduceerd tijdens „het eerste deel van de 2017 bull run, voordat Crypto Revolt in hyperspace raakte.“

De observatie werd gemaakt nadat Bitcoin in het weekend ruwweg 15% crashte, waarbij BTC daalde van $55.000 om op zondag steun te vinden in de buurt van $47.250, volgens TradingView.

„Correcties in een bullmarkt zijn kansen en geen bedreigingen,“ voegde Pal eraan toe.

86% van de Bitcoin-adressen momenteel winstgevend

On-chain analytics provider Glassnode merkte ook de diepte van de crash op, door te melden dat het aantal Bitcoin-adressen dat nu verlies lijdt op 25 april een negenmaands hoogtepunt van bijna 6,4 miljoen had bereikt. Ondanks de mijlpaal is 86% van de Bitcoin-adressen momenteel winstgevend.

De markten lijken het eens te zijn met Pal’s bewering dat Bitcoin aan een opleving toe was, met BTC die 11,5% opveerde in zes uur tijd, nadat het eerder vandaag een lokaal dieptepunt van ongeveer $47.000 had bereikt.

Onder verwijzing naar grafieken van Glassnode, merkte analist William Clemente III op dat er $88,7 miljoen aan BTC short liquidaties waren tijdens de vroege Aziatische handel op maandagochtend toen de markt snel weer aantrok.

Ondanks de sterke opleving is Bitcoin 27% gedaald ten opzichte van het hoogste punt op 14 april van $65.000. De neerwaartse trend zag de dominantie van Bitcoin dalen tot 50%. De laatste keer dat het marktaandeel van BTC onder de 50% daalde was in juli 2018, volgens TradingView.

Injective Partners joins forces with Huobi ECO to boost DeFi derivatives

Huobi’s Heco chain has partnered with Injective.

The main objective of this partnership is the transfer of assets between the chains.

INJ and HT hit all-time highs over the weekend

The decentralized derivatives trading platform Injective has partnered with Huobi’s ECO chain to increase the adoption of cross-chain derivatives in the industry.

According to the announcement, this collaboration will allow traders to seamlessly transition assets in the ECO chain from Huobi (Heco) to Injective, enabling the creation of new DeFi derivatives.

Heco is Huobi’s version of the Binance Smart Chain – its own high-speed public blockchain to compete with the industry standard Ethereum. The Injective protocol is a decentralized Layer 2 (DEX) exchange that focuses on decentralized derivatives and interoperability between chains.

DEX, which has previously partnered with Binance Smart Chain, hopes to expand its collaboration with Huobi Global as well.

We @InjectiveLabs are set to become the first derivatives dex to integrate with @HuobiECOChain

Huobi and the growing DEX markets Injective

Injective is one of the first teams to use the Heco channel, and testing began in January when its native INJ token was listed on the central exchange.

DEX protocol launched its testnet in November 2020, with an early access program that allowed the team to test the capabilities of the network and deploy new markets such as decentralized forex and equity futures.

The main objective of this partnership is to create an easy-to-use interface that allows traders to transfer funds seamlessly between Heco and the Injective chain. Heco also supports the compatibility of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) smart contracts, which should enable even greater interoperability between chains.

Skybridge Capital founder Anthony Scaramucci

Bitcoin is superior to gold in all respects: Skybridge Capital founder Anthony Scaramucci

Anthony Scaramucci, founder of alternative investment firm Skybridge, says why he’s betting big on bitcoin.

Speaking to Forbes, Scaramucci explains that both he and his research team were initially sceptical about Bitcoin. However, after a three-year evaluation process, he concluded that it was „better than gold.“

How Bitcoin convinced Scaramucci

To overcome his initial doubts about Bitcoin, Scaramucci looked at the situation from several angles. Following the mindset of Warren Buffett, he didn’t want to Crypto Revolt invest in something he didn’t understand. There were also lingering concerns that the share price could fall to zero.

Nevertheless, over time he came to the conclusion that it was a unique investment opportunity. He cites three reasons for this change of heart.

First, Scaramucci draws attention to the numerous rival blockchains that have come (and gone) since 2009 – and that none of them have managed to displace Bitcoin as the leading cryptocurrency (Bitcoin rally 2021 reloaded?).

„If you look at Bitcoin’s market cap compared to everything else out there, it dwarfs everything and is approaching the $1 trillion mark.“

Furthermore, Scaramucci describes BTC as an „indomitable“ exchange between two people. He sees as money in a new guise for the 21st century.

Finally, his observations of modern society highlight how technology has formed networks. These networks, he says, have tremendous value.

He points to examples like Amazon as the retail network and Facebook as the social network. And he looks at Bitcoin as the monetary network.

„Bitcoin is a monetary network. If we look at what has happened in the 21st century, we have seen the evolution of a retail network known as Amazon. We have seen the revolution of a social network known as Facebook. We have a search and advertising network known as Google.“

His concluding comments state that Bitcoin can act as an alternative store of value to gold. But in his opinion, Bitcoin is the better choice.

Gold is on the decline

Scaramucci did not elaborate on why he believes Bitcoin is better than gold – but there are numerous points that can be made here.

The supply of gold is unknown; add to that the fact that mining companies can discover new gold reserves. There will only ever be 21 million BTC, and that makes Bitcoin (To Buy Bitcoin Guide) a tougher asset than gold.

Others point out that Bitcoin is apolitical. But perhaps the biggest advantage is more convenient storage and better portability.

Bitcoin has outperformed gold since early 2021. Over the past five weeks, gold has lost 8%, with today in particular being a terrible day for gold fans. In contrast, bitcoin is up 14% over the same period.

Gold advocate Peter Schiff sees no fundamental reason for the sell-off in gold. He attributes it to whales picking on the little guy.

Nevertheless: Based on today’s price development, Bitcoin has proven that it is better at being gold than gold itself.

Bitcoin regulation may advance in Brazil in 2021, according to Federal Deputy Aureo Ribeiro

Author of two draft laws on the market in cryptomorphs, he hopes to see Permanent Commissions resumed in 2021 to discuss the issue among parliamentarians.

Bitcoin regulation may advance in Brazil in 2021, according to Congressman Aureo RibeiroNOTÍCIAS
The discussion on a possible regulation of the market for cryptomorphs in Brazil is expected to resume soon in the Chamber of Deputies in Brasilia – DF, according to parliamentarian Aureo Ribeiro (Solidariedade-RJ).

In an interview with the Cointelegraph, the federal deputy said it is necessary to wait for the composition of the Permanent Commissions for the regulation to be discussed again, right after the election of the president of the House of Representatives.

Is Bitcoin legal in Brazil?
Until the end of 2019, the regulation of cryptomorphs was the agenda of a Special Commission, in which Aureo Ribeiro was a member, and which met weekly in parliament to discuss the Bitcoin market.

However, the work of the Special Commission dealing with the issue had to be postponed as the pandemic advanced in early 2020. In addition to cryptomorphs, the commission formed by the political group discussed air miles.

Bitcoin ‚legalised‘ in Brazil
The Federal Chamber of Deputies in Brasilia – DF is expected to resume the discussion on the approval of the regulation of cryptomorphs in Brazil. Until the end of 2019, the subject was the subject of a Special Commission formed by parliamentarians like Aureo Ribeiro.

In the commission, two bills, which were created by Aureo Ribeiro, served as a basis for presenting ideas such as the creation of a legal regime for cryptomoks (PL 2060/2019) and the classification of Bitcoin as a „payment arrangement“ (PL 2303/2015).

Senators decide to discuss proposals for Bitcoin regulation in Brazil together
For Ribeiro, the regulation of cryptomorphs in Brazil will provide „legal certainty“ for market investors. He also said the intention was to regulate the Bitcoin market in the post-Pandemic.

„More than ever, in the post-Pandemic, it is important to regulate cryptoactives so that Brazil is a ‚barn‘ for investors with legal certainty. See, it is not regular, it is regulatory“.

Example from other countries and financial pyramids
In addition to providing security for cryptomaniac investors through a legal regime for the sector, Aureo Ribeiro points out that Brazil should follow the example of other countries in regulating the Bitcoin market.

Brazil advances in Bitcoin regulation and officially recognizes exchange activity
On the other hand, the MP again sketched concern at the commission of crimes using the name cryptomorphs, known as financial pyramids.

„He said he hoped that we would be able to move forward with legislation, taking advantage of the good experience of other countries and avoiding the mistakes that have been made, such as the financial pyramids.

Digital currency and R$ 200 bill
Speaking about the current economic situation in Brazil, Aureo Ribeiro also commented on the creation of the R$200 bill by the federal government at the end of 2020.

Thus, in a comparison with the emergency aid of R$ 600, he explained that the note does not represent significant changes for the majority of the Brazilian population.

„In a country where people cannot access emergency aid, I do not know if the R$200 coin has made any positive difference to the population.

In the meantime, by advocating the digitization of the economy experienced by the country recently, the federal deputy proved to be in favour of the creation of a digital currency by Brazil.

„The idea is not to stop the discussion on the bill, but to create, by calling the market, small investors and prepare Brazil to have a favorable environment for the creation of a virtual currency“.

O prêmio para a manchete mais silenciosa desta semana vai para a CNN

Na segunda-feira (11 de janeiro), Paul R. La Monica, um correspondente digital da CNN Business, apareceu com uma manchete sobre o Bitcoin, que será extremamente difícil de ser batida quando se trata de tolices e desinformação.

De acordo com sua bio CNN, La Monica „escreve diariamente sobre os mercados e as empresas blue chip e também aparece regularmente nos programas de negócios da CNNI“. Anteriormente, ele era „um editor assistente administrativo que supervisionava a cobertura econômica, de mercados e de tecnologia do site“. Ele „está na CNN Business desde novembro de 2001 e trabalhou anteriormente para Red Herring, SmartMoney, American Banker e Financial World“.

La Monica é um bom jornalista e de modo algum um odiador de Bitcoin. Aqui estão os títulos de alguns de seus artigos anteriores sobre Bitcoin:

12 de maio de 2020: „Bitcoin ‚reduzindo pela metade‘ poderia aumentar seu preço à medida que mais investidores se juntassem às moedas criptográficas“.
18 de novembro de 2020: „Foguetes Bitcoin depois de 18.000 dólares“. O ponto mais alto de todos os tempos está à vista“.
20 de novembro de 2020: „O Bitcoin sobe novamente depois que a BlackRock diz que poderia substituir o ouro“.
17 de dezembro de 2020: „Bitcoin supera a marca de $20.000 e continua a crescer a níveis recordes“.
4 de janeiro de 2021: „A bolha de Bitcoin pode estourar, adverte Anthony Scaramucci. Mas ele ainda é um mega-boi“.
7 de janeiro de 2021: „Bitcoin tops $40.000 – apenas dias depois de passar $30.000“.

Isto torna ainda mais confuso e frustrante que ontem ele (ou seus editores) tenha decidido ir com o título „Bitcoin mergulha mais de 20% em três dias“. Está agora em um mercado de ursos“ para o artigo que ele escreveu ontem sobre a grande correção de preços que começou no domingo (10 de janeiro) e continuou até segunda-feira (11 de janeiro) antes do preço do Bitcoin começar a se recuperar fortemente depois de ter atingido um mínimo intradiário de 30.299 dólares (no Coinbase) por volta das 16:37 UTC em 11 de janeiro.

De acordo com dados da CryptoCompare, na última sexta-feira (8 de janeiro), o preço da Bitcoin estabeleceu um novo recorde histórico de 41.964 dólares por volta das 15:00 UTC, que foi mais do que os quase 20 mil dólares que foi alcançado no final do comício de 2017 da Bitcoin.

Por dados da CryptoCompare, atualmente (a partir das 09:37 UTC em 12 de janeiro), o BTC-USD está negociando a $36.079, um aumento de 0,91% no último período de 24 horas e de 24,53% desde o início de 2021. No último período de 12 meses, o retorno do investimento do Bitcoin (vs. USD) aumentou 341%.

Em que universo faz algum sentido dizer que a Bitcoin está „em um mercado de ursos“?

O que é ainda mais desconcertante é que a La Monica reconhece o quão bem a Bitcoin tem se saído nas últimas semanas. Isto é do segundo parágrafo de seu artigo:

„Bitcoin ainda está em alta nos últimos meses, para não mencionar de onde estava negociando há apenas algumas semanas“.

Se este artigo tivesse aparecido em um pequeno noticiário criptográfico com um público muito pequeno, poderíamos simplesmente ignorar seu título como apenas mais uma manchete sensacionalista, mas o fato de aparecer na CNN o torna mais perigoso devido à credibilidade e amplo alcance da CNN, pois muitas pessoas só se preocupam em ler as manchetes e podem ficar com a impressão de que devem entrar em pânico porque a forte corrida de touros que começou em 13 de março de 2020 acabou.

Due to the rise in the price of Ethereum: transaction costs are skyrocketing

The demand for Ethereum is currently high. This has led to significant increases in transaction fees. The increase since the beginning of the year is almost 400%.

The Etherscan website contains a large number of charts on which the increase in fees (in „gas“) can be clearly seen.

What is „gas“ in Ethereum?

The fees for Ethereum (ETH) are calculated in „gas“. Gas as a unit reflects how much computational effort is required to execute a transaction on the Ethereum blockchain. There is a certain gas fee for every transaction and every smart contract. The broadcaster can freely choose this fee. The gas serves as an incentive for the miners who generate the hashrate and thus make the Ethereum blockchain fast and secure. The higher the gas offered, the sooner the miners will process the transaction.

In general and simplified, you can think of gas as a fuel. If you step on the „gas“ pedal on your car, drive faster and you will be there sooner. If you save fuel (gas), progress will be slower.

At the same time, the amount of „gas“ required increases when the Ethereum network is heavily loaded.

Where does the high utilization of the Ethereum network currently come from?

Ethereum is not only a cryptocurrency, but also a platform for smart contracts and other cryptocurrencies. These build on the advanced basic system of Ethereum and can thus concentrate more effectively on their actual benefits.

“DeFi” apps are currently on the rise. “DeFi” is an abbreviation for “decentralized finance”. The DeFi area is currently growing rapidly and is seen by many as the future of the financial sector. The main difference to conventional finance (e.g. banks) is the decentralization. This offers many advantages and can avoid many of the current problems facing the banking industry. One example of this are so-called open credit platforms, on which borrowers can take out loans quickly and easily, for which the lenders receive interest. This is of course just a single example. The possibilities are tremendously diverse and in the course of time many new, still unknown, models will probably emerge.

Are Ethereum transactions too expensive?

In the social networks , doubts were promptly aroused as to whether Ethereum was suitable for the mass market with the high transaction costs. These doubts are justified, but the Ethereum team is currently working on solutions. These are expected to be introduced soon and relieve the Ethereum blockchain. That should then also lower the “gas” prices.

Previsione del prezzo di Bitcoin: BTC / USD scende al di sotto di $ 33.600; Opportunità di acquistare poco o rimanere calmi

Il prezzo del Bitcoin scende oggi da un massimo di $ 33.600 a un minimo di $ 27.678 in poche ore.

Tendenza a lungo termine BTC / USD: rialzista (grafico giornaliero)

Livelli chiave:

Livelli di resistenza: $ 36.000, $ 36.200, $ 36.400

Livelli di supporto: $ 25.500, $ 25.300, $ 25.100

BTCUSD – Grafico giornaliero

BTC / USD è nel mezzo di una mossa di ritracciamento dall’inizio del trading di oggi. Nel frattempo, lo slancio al ribasso è diventato abbastanza inarrestabile mentre il supporto chiave a $ 28.000 è stato devastato, costringendo i rialzisti a concentrarsi sulla difesa del prossimo supporto che è mirato a $ 27.000. Se questo è rotto, è possibile trovare ulteriori supporti a $ 25.500, $ 25.300 e $ 25.100.

Cosa aspettarsi da Bitcoin (BTC)

La formazione di un pattern flag rialzista suggerisce che l’azione al rialzo potrebbe continuare solo se il supporto del pattern non viene rotto. Tuttavia, un guasto al di sotto del supporto delle bandiere potrebbe provocare effetti disastrosi del prezzo di Crypto Engine che sale a quota 26.000 $. L’indicatore tecnico ha anche supportato il movimento ribassista, ulteriormente sostenendo l’idea che questa potrebbe essere la fine del rally del toro.

Tuttavia, l’RSI (14) è visto muoversi al di sotto del livello 80 all’interno della zona di ipercomprato poiché la forte pendenza al ribasso è una chiara indicazione dell’influenza che consente ai ribassisti di esercitare una maggiore pressione sul mercato. Nel frattempo, è possibile un’inversione, ma solo se la resistenza a 32.500 $ viene rivendicata. Il commercio di persistenza al di sopra di questo livello potrebbe tecnicamente spingere la moneta a livelli di resistenza di $ 36.000, $ 36.200 e $ 36.400.

BTC / USD Medio – Tendenza a termine: rialzista (grafico a 4 ore)

Guardando il grafico a 4 ore, Bitcoin (BTC) non è ancora scivolato sotto i 25.000 $ ed è ancora in procinto di riprendersi. Il prezzo del Bitcoin è al di sotto delle medie mobili di 9 e 21 giorni e potrebbe richiedere del tempo per essere scambiato al di sopra dei $ 34.000. Al momento, il prezzo del Bitcoin si sta muovendo intorno al livello di $ 31.484.

BTCUSD – Grafico a 4 ore

Tuttavia, se i rialzisti riescono a raggrupparsi e dare energia al mercato, i trader potrebbero aspettarsi un nuovo test di $ 25.000. Pertanto, rompere i $ 33.000 potrebbe anche consentire ai rialzisti di muoversi al di sopra delle medie mobili di 9 e 21 giorni per testare i livelli di resistenza di $ 34.000 e oltre. In altre parole, se i ribassisti dovessero continuare a mantenere il prezzo e trascinarlo al ribasso, i livelli di supporto di 29.100 $ e inferiori potrebbero essere visitati poiché l’RSI (14) si sposta al di sotto del livello di 550, indicando un ulteriore movimento ribassista.

Więcej interesu instytucjonalnego to znak, że Bitcoin porusza się w wiarygodnym kierunku – Gene Munster

Gene Munster, partner zarządzający w firmie venture capital Loup Ventures, jest najnowszym ekspertem finansowym, który omówił ostatni zlot Bitcoina, obecną sytuację na rynku i jego przewidywania dotyczące aktywów w przyszłości.

Podczas dzisiejszego wywiadu z CNB CSquawk Box, Munster został zapytany o jego poglądy na plusy i minusy Bitcoin’a w oparciu o obecną sytuację rynkową.

Munster zauważył, że trudno jest przewidzieć minusy aktywów w najbliższym czasie dodając, że nie jest to „dobry zakład“ do spekulacji na Bitcoin z powodu dużych ruchów.

Jednak uważa on, że ostatnie wydarzenia, które widział więcej inwestorów instytucjonalnych flok do kryptońskiej przestrzeni i zakup dużych ilości BitQT są znakiem, że składnik aktywów porusza się „w wiarygodnym kierunku“.

Dodał, że pomysł, iż inwestorzy instytucjonalni wykazują zainteresowanie kryptowalutą, jest znakiem, że ludzie powinni posiadać Bitcoin, ponieważ z czasem aktywa będą nadal poruszać się wyżej.

Ponadto Munster stwierdził, że Bitcoin ma zasadnicze znaczenie dla rozwoju globalnego systemu płatności, powodując spadek popytu na banknoty.

Dzięki temu, że w zeszłym tygodniu na niektórych giełdach kryptograficznych BTC przekroczyła swój najwyższy poziom (ATH), a do branży napływa więcej inwestorów instytucjonalnych, klasa aktywów nadal zyskuje na popularności w sektorze finansowym.

Bitcoin stał się ważnym tematem dyskusji w tym roku, kiedy to aktywa wykazały się odpornością na inne instrumenty finansowe, w tym złoto, pomimo wpływu pandemii koronaawirusa (COVID-19).

Pandemia, która dotknęła gospodarki światowe, sprawiła, że w marcu krypto waluta weszła do obrotu poniżej 4000 dolarów. Od tego czasu krypto waluta odnotowała znaczny wzrost i obecnie jej obroty wynoszą 19.216 USD.

Zdolność Bitcoin’a do osłabienia burzy wywołanej pandemią COVID-19 doprowadziła do ogromnego zainteresowania aktywami inwestorów instytucjonalnych.

Ostatnie przejęcie przez MicroStrategy kolejnych 40.824 Bitcoinów oraz zakup BTC przez Grayscale’s, między innymi, potwierdziły duży napływ inwestorów instytucjonalnych na rynek.

Skybridge Capital, Billion-Dollar Hedge Fund, Set to Launch New Bitcoin Fund

21 grudnia 2020 r. Skybridge Capital, firma zarządzająca majątkiem prowadzona przez Anthony’ego Scaramucci’ego, ujawniła zamiar uruchomienia funduszu bitcoin dla akredytowanych inwestorów.

Wiadomość pochodzi z tweet’a przez kryptoanalityka i firmę badawczą Bloqport, która zamieściła formularz D Komisji Papierów Wartościowych i Giełd (SEC) składający się z miliarda dolarów menedżera majątkowego.

Dubbed the Skybridge Profit Revolution kryptoński produkt inwestycyjny jest skierowany do inwestorów o wysokim poziomie zamożności, którzy mogą kupić 50 tys. dolarów lub więcej w najwyższej krypto-walucie.

Tweeter kryptoński został podekscytowany nowym funduszem BTC z dużego funduszu hedgingowego, który może się pochwalić ponad 9,2 mld dolarów aktywów w zarządzaniu (AUM).

Bitcoin Bull Kevin Rooke był jednym z pierwszych, którzy zareagowali na wiadomość w kolejnym tweecie:

„Boom! Skybridge Capital podwaja się na Bitcoin. Właśnie zarejestrowali fundusz Skybridge Bitcoin w SEC, miesiąc po tym, jak pozwolili dwóm innym funduszom zainwestować w Bitcoin“.

Chociaż Skybridge odmówił ujawnienia wielkości emisji ich nadchodzącego produktu, zauważyli, że został on zaklasyfikowany jako „fundusz hedgingowy“, którego celem jest zaoferowanie inwestorom instytucjonalnym większej ekspozycji na BTC.
Założyciel Skybridge’a Anthony Scaramucci jest fanem Bitcoin’a

SkyBridge Capital po raz pierwszy przyznał dwóm swoim funduszom zgodę na „poszukiwanie zaangażowania w aktywa cyfrowe“ w ubiegłym miesiącu.

W raporcie SEC złożonym w połowie listopada, ta gigantyczna globalna firma inwestycyjna wspomniała o możliwości inwestowania swojego funduszu Skybridge G II w walutach cyfrowych, takich jak bitcoin. Dokumenty te sugerowały również, że firma jest zainteresowana wejściem do gospodarki kryptońskiej pod różnymi kątami, takimi jak instrumenty pochodne i ETF-y.

Od tego czasu Anthony Scaramucci, założyciel Skybridge Capital, w niedawnej rozmowie z dyrektorem generalnym MicroStrategy Michaelem Saylorem, który niedawno zainwestował w BTC 650 mln dolarów, zagłębił się w retorykę BTC.

Scaramucci pojawił się wcześniej w sierpniowym odcinku Coinscrum Markets, aby opowiedzieć o powstającej klasie aktywów cyfrowych. Były dyrektor ds. komunikacji w Białym Domu ujawnił, że jest „fanem“ walut kryptograficznych i powtórzył, że aktywa kryptograficzne mają przyszłość. Dodał, że jego firma głęboko zanurzyła się w przestrzeni aktywów cyfrowych od czasu jego powrotu za ster w 2018 roku.

Założyciel Skybridge Capital pojawił się również w wywiadzie dla Anthony’ego Pompliano, gdzie zapewnił, że BTC i blockchain wkrótce będą bardziej zreformowane i bezpieczne.

Tysiąclecia i Generał Z Aby prowadzić kryptoreceptę

Instytucjonalne przyjęcie Bitcoinu okazało się jedną z najgorętszych tendencji w 2020 roku. Wiele wybitnych postaci, takich jak Paul Tudor Jones i Stanley Druckenmiller rzuciły się na Bitcoin w niedawnej przeszłości.

Instytucje takie jak MassMutual Insurance i Ruffer Investment Company również zanurzyły swoje stopy w Bitcoin.

Jednak Scaramucci wskazuje na tysiąclecia jako równie ważną siłę napędową w przyjmowaniu kryptoideł. W wywiadzie dla Coinscrum Markets, szef SkyBridge stwierdził, że tysiąclecia są „zachwycone cyfrowymi aktywami“.

Wierzy, że to członkowie Pokolenia Z poniżej nich wepchną kryptońskie „w stratosferę“.

Nerfs BTC, bombe XRP, changement de marque Libra: Hodler’s Digest, 28 novembre-décembre. 5

À venir tous les samedis, Hodler’s Digest vous aidera à suivre chaque actualité importante qui s’est produite cette semaine. Les meilleures (et les pires) citations, les faits saillants de l’adoption et de la réglementation, les principales pièces de monnaie, les prévisions et bien plus encore – une semaine sur Cointelegraph en un seul lien.

Top Stories cette semaine

Le prix du Bitcoin atteint un nouveau record à mesure que le marché de la cryptographie mûrit

C’est arrivé! Cette semaine, Bitcoin a officiellement atteint un niveau record au-dessus de 19892 $ pour la première fois en près de trois ans après avoir profité d’un rebond pendant le week-end de Thanksgiving.

Malheureusement, le nouveau record de mardi n’a pas apporté le feu d’artifice que beaucoup espéraient. Des sommets de tous les temps n’ont été atteints que sur quelques échanges. Peu de temps après, BTC a subi un rejet violent de près de 20000 dollars – tombant à 19000 dollars en moins de 10 minutes.

Après le crash flash , le trader pseudonyme CryptoBull a tweeté: «Il convient de noter qu’un swing de 1 000 $ ne représente plus que 5% maintenant. Ajuste en accord.“

Plus tard dans la journée, Reuters a pris le monde de la cryptographie par surprise après une histoire inhabituellement positive : «Le dollar s’effondre sur les espoirs de relance américains; le bitcoin atteint son sommet historique. » Le plus ancien pool minier du monde a ensuite immortalisé ce titre dans un bloc .

Au fur et à mesure que la semaine avançait, la BTC a eu du mal à revenir aux 19000 $, et vendredi, elle a subi un autre rejet à 19500 $ , rendant les traders nerveux

Alors que certains pensent que BTC est en phase de consolidation et pourrait souffrir d’un autre lien mineur à court terme, d’autres s’attendent à ce que le niveau crucial de 18500 $ se maintienne – mettant BTC en place pour un nouveau test du niveau clé de 20000 $ et un nouveau record historique à court terme. futur.

Les institutions se précipitent vers 19000 $ Bitcoin alors que la prime GBTC atteint son plus haut niveau en six mois

La volatilité de Bitcoin ne semble pas avoir effrayé les institutions. Le jeudi, la demande des investisseurs signifiait Bitcoin de confiance se négociait Niveaux de gris à une prime trop épaisse , ce qui en fait 35% plus cher que l‘ achat BTC au prix du marché actuel.

Les gros acheteurs créent toujours plus de demande que l’offre ne peut en satisfaire, et un énorme mur de vente à 20 000 dollars pourrait entraîner un transfert majeur de richesse des baleines vers les institutions.

Les données de Coin98 montrent que 27881 BTC ont été exploités en novembre, mais les niveaux de gris ont grimpé à 55015 BTC au cours du mois . Le gestionnaire d’actifs numériques a également ramené sa campagne controversée «drop gold» , qui se déroule désormais sur les principaux réseaux à travers les États-Unis.

Dans d’autres nouvelles, S&P Dow Jones Indices a annoncé qu’il lancerait les indices de crypto-monnaie en 2021 – apportant Bitcoin à Wall Street. Coinbase a révélé avoir exécuté le méga achat de 425 millions de dollars BTC de MicroStrategy en septembre. Et le PDG de BlackRock, qui a environ 7,4 billions de dollars d’actifs sous gestion, a confirmé que Bitcoin était sur son radar .

Le président de CoinShares, Danny Masters, a également déclaré à CNBC que l’appétit institutionnel pour la BTC signifie que les gestionnaires de portefeuille pourraient bientôt être licenciés pour ne pas avoir de Bitcoin dans leur portefeuille . La crypto-monnaie a également été approuvée par Nigel Farage, qui a décrit BTC comme «l’ultime investissement anti-verrouillage».